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Soundcloud for the Rap Mixtape Junkie

Soundcloud is the place to be for new and old artists. But I would like to talk about it regarding the new artists trying to get noticed. If you are looking for visibility for your music then soundcloud is one good place to start. There are thousands of rap and hip hop heads submitting music to soundcloud everyday and you can start today. Its not easy getting noticed since the music market is saturated but one key factor to remember is to create create create. The more content you post the better. When you submit content often you have a better chance of getting noticed by a few people. But you have to submit quality content because a mass amount of bad content could hurt your brand so work hard at doing quality work only.

Now on to the mixtape junkie part. If you like underground music, then Soundcloud is one place to start, among other places such as Spinrilla, LiveMixtapes, Datpiff, and others. It will serve you better if you browse soundcloud for new content on your PC because when you type a phrase in on your Android or iPhone, the app doesnt have the sorting features that the PC version has. On the PC you can sort out all the new stuff that came out on the day of your search or the past week and the phone app doesnt do that. But what you can do is find all the music you need on your PC then put it in your playlists for when you want to conveniently play your new found content on your phone.

Also, Soundcloud is great for artists looking for free beats or beats for sale. There are thousands of producers trying to find artists to make their instrumentals hits. I'm going to explain to you a way to find beats for your next mixtape project for 2019 and beyond. All you have to do is put in "type beat" in the search field and sort it so that you can get all the new music for that day, the past week, or the past month. Those sorting selections should be to the left of your screen when you are using your PC to browse soundcloud.

I'll use J. Pintz as an example. I'm an artist looking for beats for my upcoming mixtape and I found J. Pintz. He has the type of flavor I like. I typed in "On A Mission" in the SoundCloud search field and he was who popped up in the beats that came up for the past week. I did some research and found out that J. Pintz makes free beats for rappers in need. He does it for fun because he loves music and would like to contribute his creativity to the world. If he sounds like a beat maker you would be interested in, then here is the sites he's on.

Just Ridin by J. Pintz
Lets Celebrate by J. Pintz
Nah Chick by J. Pintz
J. Pintz Beats On Soundcloud
On A Mission Beat by J. Pintz
Doubt It Beat by J. Pintz
On A Mission on AudioMack
Making Rap Beats

I hope I could be a help to you starting your Rap or Hip Hop Career and helping you find new music to listen to. Hope you come back soon.