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What Do I need to Start Making Rap Beats?

Have you ever wanted to make rap or hip hop music or make beats but it wasn't in your budget because music equipment and software is so expensive. I will tell you about a great alternative to buying Avid Pro Tools 2018, FL Studio 20, or Ableton. A great inexpensive online DAW to use is Soundtrap. Soundtrap has over 500+ instruments and over 4,000+ loops to use. It also has a mixing feature to use as well.

I've used soundtrap before and if you purchase their Supreme Plan for under $13/mo they have just the right sounds and instruments for Rap, Trap, and Hip Hip. If you play around with each sound you will be able to find the sounds that you need.

Eventually, you will need to get a great setup with a professional mic, speaker monitors and all those great things but to start out Sountrap is a great place to go for practice and not only for practice, you can also make a hit with the instruments that they provide. In the short run $13/mo is very inexpensive if you don't have a lump sum to purchase a $300+ DAW. Yes, in the long run it can add up and eventually be expensive depending on how many months you use it but if you would like to start right away then Soundtrap is your best bet.

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