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Young Adventuress Travel Blog

Liz Carlson, the creator of Young Adventuress, takes her readers to destinations she visits via her blog. She has photos galore of the places she travels and provides her readers with fun and inspirational stories and experiences from her travels from around the world. For example, one instance she took a trip to Jordan to the desert of Lawrence of Arabia (Wadi Rum) and she tells her story about the camel she was on and how it started running and her flying off of it. That is one of many stories she has on her site. If interested in hearing more about her adventures, then take some time to visit her site. Laugh about, get inspired from, and learn from her experiences and facts about her destinations. 

Liz Carlson is a very well known name in the travel industry and has been acknowledged by the Travel Channel, Travel+Leisure, National Geographic, New York Times, Mashable, Forbes, to name a few.